Relaxation Massages

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Massage is a soft tissue treatment to the muscular skeletal system. Massage may help relieve muscle tension, stiffness & pain, increase joint flexibility & range of motion, reduce stress & help you unwind. Massage may enhance your general health & well-being.


Massage treatments may assist you:

  • Relieve pain, soreness, spams & muscle fatigue
  • Stimulate & improve muscle tone, flexibility, elasticity & range of movement of muscles & joints
  • Reduce anxiety, de-stress the body & unwind the mind
  • Remove inflammation, metabolic waste & toxins
  • Increase circulation, oxygen & nutrients to muscles
  • Improve performance, recovery & prevention of injury
  • Encourage relaxation & a better night’s sleep
  • Increase your energy, feel vibrant & refreshed
  • Rejuvenate the body & maintain good health

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Relaxation / Therapeutic / Swedish Massage

A combination of techniques including gliding, kneading & effleurage, designed to improve circulation, release muscular & emotional tension to promote relaxation.


Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Essential oils extracted from plant material are used to improve your physical & emotional well-being. Distinctive therapeutic properties of these oils aim to prevent disease & improve your health. Used to treat conditions or simply as an invigorating indulgence.


Hot Stone Massage

A warm soothing relaxation massage that can send you into a tranquil state. Heated stones are placed along the body including the back, neck, hands & feet, radiating warmth into the skin during your massage.


Face & Head Massage

Indulge in a relaxing face and head massage. A great way to unwind and de-stress.

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Indian Head Massage

An indian head massage can ease away your stresses.


Foot Massage with Herbal Foot Spa

Relax in our rooms with a herbal tea while you sit back and enjoy  a foot spa made up of a herbal mix to refresh your feet. After relax and enjoy a foot massage.


Massage Packages

Rejuvenate Body Massage

1.5 hour Massage  – Includes body, and face massage.

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Deluxe Body Massage

2 hr Massage – Includes body, face and foot massage, with herbal foot spa.

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