doTerra Essential Oils

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The name doterra is a Latin derivative meaning “gift of the Earth.” We embrace the use of essential oils as a natural way to assist maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

doTerra products are available in a range of forms from wellness supplements, skin care, hair care, spa products to home and cleaning products.

Choose from a vast selection of essential oils and specialty blends which may be applied internally, topically or aromatically (according to advice on each product). The following range are an ideal starter selection:


Peppermint – has menthol, invigorates lungs, calms stomach and head tension, increase alertness and focus, cools the body.

Lavender – Contains linalool – a soothing element, soothes irritated skin, calms bee stings and insect bites, smoothes emotions, supports restful sleep and breathing.

Frankincense – see the health benefits listed at, good for nourishing the blood and brain, use topically to beautify skin, take internally to support immunity, good nutrition forces and pains.

Tea Tree – add to shampoo to nourish the scalp, apply topically to nourish skin, goof for feet and toenails, good for mouth and skin, nourishes sores and rashes, apply to cotton ball to soothe ear discomfort.

Oregano – natural immune support, supports health, good for feet, toenails and warts.

Lemon – drink with water daily, soothes irritated throat, neutralises odours, naturally breaks down petrochemicals in the body, dilute in spray bottle to clean the home or kitchen, antioxidant and detoxifier, elevates mood.


Ice Blue – to nourish muscles and joints, rub on arms and legs before and after exercise, apply to tired and aching joints, use for deep tissue massage.

Easy Air – nourish the lungs and sinuses, diffuse at night for healthy and restful breathing, apply 2-3 drops on chest and bottom of feet as needed for seasonal respiratory discomfort.

Smart and Sassy – supports a healthier lifestyle, nutritionally helps body break down petrochemicals, supports healthy energy and lifts mood, calms stomach, managers hunger, take internally or apply topically on arms, legs and feet, 3-5 drops in water 3-5 tomes a day (Smart & Sassy includes grapefruit peel, lemon peel, peppermint plant, tiger root and cinnamon bark essential oils).

DigestZen – eases digestive discomfort, eases motion sickness or nausea, use at meal times for comfortable digestion, apply 2-3 drops on stomach or drink with water.

On Guard – protective mouth rinse, diffuse in air to eliminate airborne threats, apply 2-3 drops on spine or bottom of feet, contains nature’s most powerful antioxidant (clove oil).

NOTE: When using essential oils seek medical advise as required before use i.e.: may not be recommended when pregnant and read the usage labels on each product prior to use.

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