Clinical Pilates – Not Available (Updating Website)

Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strength and control, posture, flexibility and breathing.

Clients may find Clinical Pilates beneficial for:
  • Recovery from or manage of injury ie: lower back, neck or pelvic girdle pain, antenatal and postnatal exercises or pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To prevent injury and increase muscle strength
  • To improve their core strength, balance, posture and stability.

An initial Clinical Pilates assessment is provided followed by a pilates exercise-based program tailored to your requirements. Our clinical pilates session may include the use of our reformer and real time ultrasound, subject to the applicability from our Physiotherapist.

During your assessment, our Physiotherapist will review the strength of your deep core stabilising muscles. Using real time imaging, you can view on screen, your deep core stabilizing muscles activating while performing exercises. The imaging assists our Physiotherapist in tailoring a more specific exercise-based treatment program according to your requirements.